The Wenzel Marine team

Our highly-qualified team enjoys a lively, motivating work environment. Our team and every individual team member are characterised by flexibility, an openness to new ideas, great teamwork, dedication, an ability to take responsibility and decision taking.

At Wenzel, you can talk to experts who have spent time at sea, engineers who have already dismantled and rebuilt a number of machines, with people who know how to get to the crux of the matter. We will always respond to your enquiry with qualified advice to help you take the next step. We keep up our high standards through regular training and further education.

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Volker Wenzel

Managing Director
T+49 421 959250

André Jahn

Managing Director
T+49 421 9592528

Sales team

Benjamin Büntemeyer (ppa.)

Teamleader sales service
T+49 421 9592517

Eleni Kontorini

Sales Representative
T+49 421 95925155

Anna-M. Bergmann

Sales engineer
T+49 421 9592514

Dietmar Christiansen

Sales engineer
T+49 421 95925153

Mahmoud Abdulrahim

Sales engineer
T+49 421 9592521

Grace Montojo

Sales engineer
T+49 421 95925158

Technical Department

David Czech

Head of Workshop
T+49 421 95925133

Aimée Koch

Service Coordinator
T+49 421 95925159

Kostas Mavromichalis

Service Coordinator
T+49 421 95925156

Sergej Moisseyev

Workshop Technician

Tyrus Morgan

Workshop Technician

Ibrahim Hami

Workshop Technician

Luca Wiechmann

Workshop Technician

Werner Ziemann

Occupational Safety Specialist


Holger Kreutschmann

Dispatch Manager
T+49 421 95925192

Christian Schwarz

T+49 421 95925193


Doris Evers

Head of Procurement
T+49 421 95925152

Quality assurance

Dr.-Ing. Corinna Kuprin

Quality Manager
T+49 421 95925134

Wolfgang Broeck

Quality Specialist
T+49 421 95925134

Norbert Wilken

Technical draftsman
T+49 421 95925138


Rebecca Kegebein

T+49 421 95925137

IT Team

Dennis Buchwald

IT Manager
T+49 421 95925168

Rafael B. Espinar

IT Expert / Programmer
T+49 421 95925167