Piston rings

High-quality piston rings

There are very few piston ring suppliers. Here at Wenzel Marine, we collaborate with well-known manufacturers who have been supplying our piston rings for over 20 years. We keep the “ring of trust” for bores from 200 to 580 millimetres permanently in stock in our replacement part range. Repair and overhaul are a matter of routine for our experienced workshop technicians.

Experts know that piston rings only become “circular” when installed, and that the opening is also referred to as the “end gap”. For as long as combustion engines have been around, so have piston rings. Their main job is to prevent combustion gases from getting between the piston and cylinder wall and into the crankcase. The piston rings continuously disperse heat, preventing the pistons from seizing in the cylinder liners or even melting. They also stop lubricating oil from the crank chamber penetrating into the combustion chamber. Sealing rings with oil scraper function likewise have a dual purpose.

There is a long list of piston ring types for combustion engines:
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