Compressor Parts for ship engines

Compressor technology – a pressing matter!

We want to make sure your starting air compressor never runs out of puff. We keep a vast range of replacement parts and service kits in stock, covering all common models. Again, we write quality very big and offer only high quality products.

High-performance and energy-efficient

These days, due to rising energy costs, compressors don't just have to be developed to be reliable and high-performance: they also need to be energy-efficient.

Cooling and lubrication

From a certain output level, air cooling is no longer sufficient, as the temperature to which gases are heated during compression is too high. The powerful industrial and marine compressors are therefore fitted with water or oil cooling. 

The standard air compressor is typically oil-lubricated. In most application scenarios, a small volume of oil in the compressed air is desired. As a result, the associated mechanical assemblies are supplied with the relevant quantity of lubricant.

Piston compressors

A compressor is used to compress gases. It works on the displacement body principle, whereby the piston compresses the air or gas in the pressure tank and pushes into a compressed air vessel via a valve. Piston compressors are used wherever high pressure and a relatively small delivery quantity are required.

Rotary compressor

A rotary compressor, also known as a screw-type compressor, consists of several components. The housing accommodates an eccentrically mounted rotor and a slide plate. The function of a coil spring is to always press the slide plate that moves backwards and forwards in time with the rotating rotor against the rotor. The suction side is thus sealed from the pressure side in every scenario.

Engine types

We are specialized in compatible parts for following compressor types:


WP100L, WP101L, WP120L, WP121L, WP13L, WP146L, WP15L, WP150L, WP151L, WP18L, WP200, WP22L, WP225L, WP226L, WP23L, WP240, WP25L, WP250L, WP270L, WP271L, WP295L, WP300L, WP310L, WP311L, WP32L, WP33L, WP40L, WP400, WP45L, WP50L, WP60L, WP62L, WP65L, WP65L, WP8L, WP80L, WP81L

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