Plain bearings perfectly adapted to your engine!

When it comes to bearing technology, it's the right "mixture" that matters. The machine only runs round perfectly if the bearing cup uses an alloy that is perfectly matched to the engine type. This is especially true for four-stroke medium-speed models with cylinder outputs above 900 KW, where the crankshaft bearings are subjected to extreme loads. We therefore only fit these with top-quality OEM products from the best manufacturers.

Plain bearings must meet the highest requirements

On all main and auxiliary engines on board they serve, among other things, the bearings of camshafts and crankshafts.

The most important half-shell bearings are used in connecting rods and in the engine block. Flange bearings, thrust washers and bushes (with and without flange) are also of great importance in the maritime plain bearing sector.

What are thrust washers?

Thrust washers are flat, disc-shaped bearings, which are also referred to as thrust bearings.

Engine types

We are specialized in compatible parts for following engine- and compressor types:


16/24, 20/27, 21/31, 23/30, 27/38, 28/32, 32/40, 48/60B, 58/64


WP100L, WP101L, WP120L, WP121L, WP13L, WP146L, WP15L, WP150L, WP151L, WP18L, WP200, WP22L, WP225L, WP226L, WP23L, WP240, WP25L, WP250L, WP270L, WP271L, WP295L, WP300L, WP310L, WP311L, WP32L, WP33L, WP40L, WP400, WP45L, WP50L, WP60L, WP62L, WP65L, WP65L, WP8L, WP80L, WP81L


M281, M331, M282, M332, M332C, M452, M453, M453C, M551, M552, M552C, M601, M601C, M20, M20C, M25, M25C, M32, M32C, M35, M43,M43C

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