Sealing sets for all common purifiers

Purifiers separate fluids with different densities, or solid components from fluids. Examples of their use include creating usable fuel from heavy fuel oil, cleaning lubrication oil, and water treatment.

Heavy fuel oil is expensive these days, and fuel is poor-quality. This means that reliable purifiers are absolute essentials on board. To keep maintenance costs to a minimum for your on-board treatment systems, we supply OEM quality sealing kits for purifiers from popular manufacturers. These can be fitted out with original parts as desired. Many shipping companies are now making use of this service. In our well-stocked warehouse you can find numerous parts needed for rapid replacements.

High-quality replacement parts at fair prices

Many of our replacement parts are produced by selected manufacturers but are often not original parts. The type numbers, system designations and manufacturer details of the replacement parts are only cited to facilitate identification of the parts.

High purification efficiency

Servicing and repairing your machine parts regularly is important for extending product lifetime and contributing to saving resources and reducing landfill. 

Purifiers are vertically layered centrifuges.

In fact, process engineering sometimes refers to purifiers as separators, clarifiers or decanter centrifuges.

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Worldwide delivery of replacement parts

We provide replacement parts for purifiers: Alfalaval, Westfalia

In addition, we deliver ship equipment to every port around the world.