Cylinder Liner

"Made in Germany" cylinder liners

Manufacturing high-quality cylinder liners is a highly specialised area. The crankcase cylinder walls must be very accurately dimensioned and may not exhibit any pinholes, cracks, etc. They work together with the pistons and piston rings to ensure that your engine achieves its rated output and is economical with lubricating oil.

Don’t just do a price comparison – make sure to go for quality. Wenzel Marine can offer you the best specifications at fair prices.

Do you need a highly-specialised replacement part?

We stock cylinder liners in all sizes and matching accessories. 

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Engine types

We are specialized in compatible parts for following engine- and compressor types:


16/24, 20/27, 21/31, 23/30, 27/38, 28/32, 32/40, 48/60B, 58/64


WP100L, WP101L, WP120L, WP121L, WP13L, WP146L, WP15L, WP150L, WP151L, WP18L, WP200, WP22L, WP225L, WP226L, WP23L, WP240, WP25L, WP250L, WP270L, WP271L, WP295L, WP300L, WP310L, WP311L, WP32L, WP33L, WP40L, WP400, WP45L, WP50L, WP60L, WP62L, WP65L, WP65L, WP8L, WP80L, WP81L


M281, M331, M282, M332, M332C, M452, M453, M453C, M551, M552, M552C, M601, M601C, M20, M20C, M25, M25C, M32, M32C, M35, M43,M43C

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