Headquarters Wenzel Marine

24/7 – spare parts on standby

Here is a list of our contact persons from the various departments, available for you 24 hours a day:

  • Workshop:
    T +49 171 8375242
  • Sales:
    T +49 174 9944450 und T +49 171 8375242

Rapid delivery of replacement ship parts

Our headquarters are located in Stuhr-Brinkum, not far from Bremen and only 100 km from Hamburg. This location meets all the conditions necessary for good business – including a fast motorway connection and short travel times to the port and airport. Our administrative offices are located in Brinkum Mitte’s industrial area, Rodendamm. Here you will find the HR, Accounting and Sales departments.

Storage and dispatch are managed from two large warehouses that we keep full to the rafters with modern mobile shelving, lean towers and computer-controlled carousels. Shipments are collected and dispatched several times each day. The separate workshops for repair and installation are located just a few metres away.

We also have branches in two key shipping nodes, Singapore and Cyprus, near to our customers.


...for France and the United Arab Emirates

Mrs. Sara Lifszyc

T +357 25585492

...for Malaysia and Singapore

Mrs. Tan Lai Theng

T  +65 87870336 (Singapore)
T  +60 102414979 (Malaysia)


...for Italy

Ing. Marco Destro

T +39 3427816694


...for Great Britain and Ireland

Peter Hoggett

M +44 (0) 7835 905947

...for Thailand and Philippines

Peter Hoggett

M +44 (0) 7835 905947

...for South Korea

Jinsoo Park

M +82 10 8660 5146

...for Latin America and Spain

Leslie Blake

M +44 (0) 7821 513184