High-quality injection technology reduces operating costs

Fuel and replacement part costs can be significantly lowered thanks to Wenzel Marine’s high-quality injection technology. Fuel is decontaminated using separators and filters, ensuring that the precisely manufactured injection pumps – such as pump elements, injectors, springs, pump housings and constant-pressure valves – achieve your desired service life.

Injection technology replacement parts

We supply all parts around injection technology, whether you need a new pump, nozzle, nozzle holder, nozzle tester, fuel pump, fuel filter, injection pipe, injection pump or injection valve. We are collaborating with OEM suppliers and workshops. Just ask – we can supply almost any replacement part.

We supply injection technology from the nozzle element to the fuel pump on exchange basis. In this area we also cooperate with OEM suppliers. Please do not hesitate to contact our workshop team for an offer on exchange basis.


On-board assembly

We are also happy to send an assembly team to your ship who will rapidly exchange the relevant parts. This reduces downtime and thus saves on costs for idle time.

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Engine types

We are specialized in compatible parts for following 4-stroke engine types: