A comprehensive range of gaskets

Perfectly fitting, resilient, reliable and reasonably priced. You won’t find a better range of gasket technology anywhere. We keep over 20,000 different gaskets permanently in stock: a full range of cross-section thicknesses, diameters and materials.

Gasket solutions

Gasket solutions can be put together in a range of geometries, with profiles and sizes to match any gasket application. A tiny O-ring? A highly-complex compound part? We have it. If the gasket you need doesn’t exist yet, then we’ll make you a bespoke component. We have our own computer aided design (CAD) system for developing individual gasket solutions.

Get in touch and we’ll find the perfect solution for you. 

Engine types

We are specialized in compatible parts for following engine- and compressor types:


16/24, 20/27, 21/31, 23/30, 27/38, 28/32, 32/40, 48/60B, 58/64


WP100L, WP101L, WP120L, WP121L, WP13L, WP146L, WP15L, WP150L, WP151L, WP18L, WP200, WP22L, WP225L, WP226L, WP23L, WP240, WP25L, WP250L, WP270L, WP271L, WP295L, WP300L, WP310L, WP311L, WP32L, WP33L, WP40L, WP400, WP45L, WP50L, WP60L, WP62L, WP65L, WP65L, WP8L, WP80L, WP81L


M281, M331, M282, M332, M332C, M452, M453, M453C, M551, M552, M552C, M601, M601C, M20, M20C, M25, M25C, M32, M32C, M35, M43,M43C

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