A turbocharger gives you better performance and torque

To improve the life expectancy of these expensive compressors, we keep all replacement and servicing parts– from the nozzle to lubrication pumps in stock. Get in touch about making effective use of your turbocharger. Wenzel Marine Cyprus is also a KBB distributor.

Original parts at competitive prices

We sell original parts from KBB.
Since 1953, Kompressorenbau Bannewitz GmbH (KBB) has developed and manufactured  exhaust gas turbochargers with axial and radial turbines. These are used in medium-speed and high-speed diesel, gas and dual-fuel marine engines in the power range from 500 kW to 5,000 kW.

What does a turbocharger do?

Turbodiesel commonly means a diesel engine where the combustion air supplied to the engine is precompressed by one or more turbochargers, and thereby air can be passed with pressure into the combustion chamber. Thus, a cleaner combustion can take place and the efficiency of the engine is increased.

Engine types

We can serve the following turbocharger types:

HPR3000, HPR4000, HPR5000, HPR6000
R3-2, R4-2, R4-3, R5-3
ST3, ST4, ST5, ST6, ST7


Features of the HPR-series

  • high efficiency and high compression ratio
  • broad scope impeller characteristics
  • compact design with radial-flow turbine
  • reduction in exhaust emission of the engine
  • long service life and wider maintenance intervals
  • fast and simple exchange of wear parts
  • water cooling of bearing housing for high-temperature application

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Original parts of KBB are produced in Germany