High-quality replacement parts for all 4-stroke engines and compressors on board

Technical sapre parts

Spare parts and technical equipment for ships

Injection, spare parts, Wenzel Marine


We deliver all spare parts for injection technology, no matter if replacement pump, nozzle element, nozzle holder, nozzle tester, fuel pump ...

nlet and outlet valves , spare parts

Inlet and outlet valves

Inlet and outlet valves are highly stressed components. At Wenzel Marine, we rely on high-quality products from well-known manufacturers.

bearing technology

Plain bearings

The bearing technology are often exposed to extreme loads. That's why we only rely on the highest quality OEM products.



From small O-rings to more complex composite parts, we have sealing solutions in stock or can quickly manufacture a custom component.

Compressor technology

Compressor technology

We have a variety of spare parts and service kits for all major models ready to keep your compressor running reliably, efficiently and energy efficient.



Your contact partner when it comes to the effective use of the turbocharger. Wenzel Marine Cyprus is also a KBB distributor.

Piston rings

For piston rings, we rely only on name manufacturer. Wenzel Marine always has piston rings in stock for bores from 160 to 580 millimeters.

Cylinder liners

Cylinder liners

The production of high quality cylinder liners is a real specialty. We combine the highest standards with fair prices.



We supply gasket sets for OEM-quality purifiers from major manufacturers and also supply replacement parts for the various operating principles to ensure smooth operation of your ship.

Our performance

Full service

Wenzel Marine assists its customers in their search for the right replacement part. With a wealth of experience behind us and contacts worldwide, we can guarantee to find your part. Trained professionals handle all packaging and shipping –- or we’re equally happy to come on board and replace the part in situ.

Repair and Overhaul

Servicing and repairing your machine parts regularly is important for extending product lifetime and contributing to saving resources and reducing landfill. Our experts in the Wenzel Machine workshop can provide you with an expert opinion on whether – from the economic point of view – the work continues to justify the costs.

Exchange of cylinder heads

Cylinder head exchange is part of a sustainable approach to repair and servicing. We have the right expertise, the right tools, and suitable measurement devices to process your cylinder heads in our workshop to ensure they meet all the manufacturer’s requirements. We then make these refurbished parts available to our customers for exchange.

Spare parts stock

Our warehouse is stacked to the rafters and packed with carousels for the smaller parts: Valves, Injection technology, Bearings, Gaskets, Compressors, Turbochargers, Piston rings, Cylinder linings, Separators. We can process more than 70% of enquiries straight away from our own inventory.


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Quality Management Standards fulfilled

Your company should have an updated ISO-certificate, if you want to be accepted in the maritime spare part world. The ISO 9001 standard is the most common norm in quality management and acknowledged worldwide.

We are pleased, that we could fulfil the…

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ISO-certificate - ISO 9001 standard; Wenzel Marine

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Are you looking for spare parts and technical equipment for ships?

Our wide portfolio of spare parts for marine engines keeps the necessary parts for replacement or repair in stock. It ranges from small and wear parts, such as O-rings, valves, gasket sets for cylinder heads to large parts such as compressors, crankshafts and camshafts, liners, connecting rods, intercoolers and much more! We certainly have the right spare part for your ship's engine in stock. Our product pages contain an overview of the most requested items. Just send us a request for the required spare parts and we will contact you shortly.