Our replacement ship parts meet all technical requirements

There are at least 120,000 technical replacement parts on a ship.Once you also take into account the different generations of machine and numerous manufacturers, you start to realise how difficult it can be to find the right replacement part for a specific case, procure it, and deliver it. Wenzel Marine can supply you with the part you need, whether it’s a tiny rubber gasket or a propeller taller than your house.

Spare parts and technical equipment for ships

Injection, spare parts, Wenzel Marine


We deliver all spare parts for injection technology, no matter if replacement pump, nozzle element, nozzle holder, nozzle tester, fuel pump ...

nlet and outlet valves , spare parts

Inlet and outlet valves

Inlet and outlet valves are highly stressed components. At Wenzel Marine, we rely on high-quality products from well-known manufacturers.

bearing technology

Plain bearings

The bearing technology are often exposed to extreme loads. That's why we only rely on the highest quality OEM products.



From small O-rings to more complex composite parts, we have sealing solutions in stock or can quickly manufacture a custom component.

Compressor technology

Compressor technology

We have a variety of spare parts and service kits for all major models ready to keep your compressor running reliably, efficiently and energy efficient.



Your contact partner when it comes to the effective use of the turbocharger. Wenzel Marine Cyprus is also a KBB distributor.

Piston rings

For piston rings, we rely only on name manufacturer. Wenzel Marine always has piston rings in stock for bores from 160 to 580 millimeters.

Cylinder liners

Cylinder liners

The production of high quality cylinder liners is a real specialty. We combine the highest standards with fair prices.



We supply gasket sets for OEM-quality purifiers from major manufacturers and also supply replacement parts for the various operating principles to ensure smooth operation of your ship.

Great quality at fair prices!

Fortunately, we’ve been in this business for some time now! Thanks to years of experience, logistical competence and technical expertise, we can supply you with replacement parts that meet all technical requirements – and still come at a good price. We always negotiate in the interests of our customers: we know that only the best quality can guarantee our long-term success.